The Epoch And It’s Style

Architecture is a Passion, Creative architecture must look forward as well as backward, deriving from but also extending history. Rather than responding with nostalgic regressions or future projection.

Single-mindedly investigating the possibilities inherent within the present, discovering in each project a unique set of conditions that can be enhanced, embodied and extended through Architecture. For pleasure M.Kumar

About Us

K&A is a professional, young and motivated architectural practice based in Bengaluru. In lieu of subscribing to fashion and polemic, our aim is to deliver thoughtful, original and contemporary design that conveys a sense of HUMANISM and purpose while fulfilling programmatic requirements. This is achieved through an intensive collaboration with clients and consultants and careful investigation into the best ways to accommodate the program. We exercise economy of gesture and scrupulous attention which results in the highest standards of execution, delight in PURE BEAUTY, and respect for the client's need to be inspired and engaged.

WE believe that Architecture is best when it is an HONEST expression of the people and institutions it serves, when it interacts gracefully with its surroundings, and when it has an understated dignity based on carefully CRAFTED construction and the natural beauty of materials. The places we design should serve the people who work, visit and live in them and that their quality is directly related to our commitment to listen carefully and respond creatively to our client's VISION.



Principle Architect, Kumar & Associates, Bangalore,

Design faculty, RVCE School of architecture, Bangalore


1994-1997 Gold Medalist, Diploma in Civil Engineering, MEI Polytechnic, Bangalore, India 1997-2002 Gold Medalist, Bachelor of Architecture, UVCE, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India


Council Member, Indian Institute of Architects, New Delhi Registered Architect, Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, Bangalore


Photography, Pencil sketches, Travelling, Playing Veena

Our Services

Below are the list of prominent services mentioned.

Project due diligence

A) Identification of land, B) Feasibility study

Architectural Design

A) Sanction drawing, B) Architectural drawing, C) Structural drawing, D) Electrical drawing, E) PHE drawing, F) Landscape

Statutory approvals

A) BBMP/BDA, B) BESCOM, C) BWSSB, D) Airport Authority, E) Pollution control board, F) Fire department

Civil works

A) Structure, B) Electrical, C) PHE


A) Design, B) Execution

Post structure certification

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